‘Radiant Blooms’ is the name and the essence of my newest collection which includes 24 new watercolor and papercut works. The name perfectly captures the vibrant and feminine energy of the watercolor portraits and paper cut art that I’ve created. Each artwork celebrates the beauty of nature being reborn and the uniqueness of the women who embody it. I’ve poured my heart and soul into each piece, and I hope they inspire you to embrace your inner beauty and radiance. Whether you’re a lover of fashion, the magic of nature, or simply colorful, vibrant design, you’ll find something special in ‘Radiant Blooms’.

Working on the collection has been a long and challenging journey, but one that has been filled with so much passion and creativity. I hope that when you browse through this collection, you’ll feel that energy coming through in every piece. I truly believe that art can be a powerful form of self-expression, and my hope is that you’ll find something here that speaks to you. Thanks for all your support and engagement during this process – this keeps me going 🧡
You can find the new artworks in my shop

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